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Hockey Time!

We have added some hockey equipment to outside time and the children appear to be enjoying it tremendously. They are collaborating with each other by turn taking, problem solving and creating . They have taken ownership for creating their own teams and enforcing the rules for their game . They are doing a great job playing safe and display sportsmen like conduct . We are very proud  they are doing such a great job together!

What’s Popping!

Today a group of boys enjoyed experimenting with some poppers in the classroom. They made predictions such as which colour would pop first and which one would pop the highest. They even tried changing the material by adding one popper on top of the other to see what would happen? This experimenting proved to be a great test in cause and effect as well as logic and reasoning, and predictions. Great job friends!


All about Lily!

Today was Lily’s day to share her all about me bag. Lily was super excited to share her things with all her friends. Lily brought a picture of her and her twin Isla getting ready for school. She brought a photo to share telling us about how much she enjoys taking ballet. She brought her Anna doll because she is pretty. She brought her dogs tag named Lola because she has two dogs and she like Lola. She brought her phone because she likes it. Lily brought a collage of photos of her sister and her mommy because she loves them so much 🙂 Great job Lily!

All about Simon!

Wowzers Simon had so much to share today for his all about me bag. Simon shared a picture of the Ospeedy a sunken ship 🚢 of long ago that wrecked on the rocks during a thunderstorm ⛈ because the lighthouse was dark. His favourite picture of him and his brother Luke. A pumpkin 🎃 man he made at granny’s. A rocket ship 🚀 he made with daddy. A rock collection, and some very cool slime he made. Great job Simon. Today we made the connections most of us like slime and many of us have collected rocks.

All about Jenelle!

Today was Jenelle’s day to share her all about me. Jenelle was very excited to share her treasures with the children. Jenelle  brought a bat because she loves Halloween. Jenelle brought a picture of herself in the pool because she loves swimming 🏊 .She brought a picture of her and her sister Chloe camping ⛺️ because she loves to go camping ⛺️with her family.Jenelle also brought a phot of herself at the airport because she liked the airport. She enjoyed lots of snacks at the airport..especially the m&m’s. Great job Jenelle!

All about Saam!

Today was Saam’s day to share his all about me. Saam was very excited to share his special items with his friends. Saam brought in his jingle cup because he loves to jingle. He brought in a plane because he loves planes. He also brought in a drawing of flowers and a flying squirrel because he loves animals. Great Job Saam! Many friends made the connection with Saam that they also enjoy planes. This activity is proving to be a great way to build community and relationships within our learning environment.