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January 11th number play

Number play

The Jk’s have been working hard matching various number representations. Today the children “built” snowman using various “snowball number representations” to the number 10. Great job friends lots of great collaboration and conversation was heard throughout this activity

Happy Birthday Lily

One of the special birthdays we Celebrated in January was Our friend Lily. We wish Lily a very happy birthday love your friends in room 10. We would also  like to thank Lily for her birthday book donation of  Hopper hunts for spring.

Happy Birthday Isla

In January one of the special birthdays we celebrated in room 10 was Isla. We wish you a very Happy Birthday and many more to come <3 your friends in room 10. WE also wish to thank Isla for her donated birthday book The Bernstain Bears.

Toy Day

After the Christmas Holidays the children were invited to bring in a toy to share with the class. We sorted the toys into various categories. using this data and our graphing rug we compiled  the info to show which toys had the most and which toys had the least. We found that transportation toys had the most with 8 items and building and stuffies were tied for the least with 2 items. Great job friends

Valentines Day – Friendship Day Celebrations

Just a gentle reminder that should the children wish to participate in the friendship day celebrations they may choose to wear red, white, and pink tomorrow to show their school spirit  ❤

Also we will enjoy a small Valentines party in the afternoon should you like to send a treat to share. Please no nuts or tree nuts as we are a nut free school. We thank you kindly for your continued support.

Valentines’ -We have 29 children in the class should you like to send in cards for classmates, please address them To: My friend or leave blank and have your child print their name  as best they can <3

Thanks and hope you enjoy a lovely valentines Day <3

Room 10