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Can you help?

December is always a very busy time and lots of creating and art is happening if anyone has any glue sticks they would be willing to donate we would greatly appreciate it. We do have a limited amount of white glue but for some of the jobs glue sticks would be helpful and greatly appreciated. We thank you for your continued support

love ❤️ all our friends in room 10!

Our magical mailbox

We have added a very special addition to our classroom, a magical mailbox. The mailbox has sparked a new interest for many who chose not to go to writing as well as to motivate others to continue to pursue printing for a purpose.  The is a great centre to observe and promote authentic Writing and to help promote engagement in literacy within the classroom great job.

All about #3

 This weeks learning focus is the number three. We continue to work on number recognition and simple addition sentences as well as,what does the number look like on a tally chart , what does the number look like on a ten frame.  We also talk about what is the number before and what is the number after three. The children are becoming number expert and doing a great job following up with some concrete work in their number books 📚 great job friends!

The Gingerbread Man!

This week we will be focusing on the story ‘The Gingerbread Man “. We will be looking at story elements such as character and setting and introducing for some and reviewing for others retell. We are very excited and have multiple learning activities planed to expand on the learning and fun.

A surprise from the North

Wow 😮 what a surprise we received today. Miss Millar brought down a package 📦 she received from the mailman today and it was freezing cold. We spent some time exploring the package 📦 and sharing our thoughts 💭 on what may be inside. The children came up with many creative ideas 💡 of what could be in the package 📦. After exploring the package 📦 each child took a turn opening a layer of the packages 📦 wrapping. The children appeared to really enjoy this and there was great anticipation as the package was passed around the circle. Upon unveiling we discovered that inside the package was our very own elf for the shelf. We read a story about the elf and her magic and then each child took turns coming up with a name for our new classroom friend. We took a vote and decided on the name Christmas 🎄.We  are so excited for All the fun to come.